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Your Care Team

  • Aleksandar Vojta
    Aleksandar Vojta PhD, Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Dr Lucija Sironic
    Dr Lucija Sironic MD
  • Paula GlycanAge Specialist
    Paula Franceković MSc Human Nutrition
  • Alka Patel
    Dr Alka Patel GP, Lifestyle Medicine Doctor
  • Mark Dini Health Coach
  • Sebastijan Orlić
    Sebastijan Orlić PhD in Biotechnology, Exercise Nutrition Coach, Fitness Instructor
  • Nataša Desnica
    Nataša Desnica MD
  • Diana Gluhak Spajić MSc Clinical Nutritionist
  •  Ivana Župić
    Ivana Župić Nutritionist
  • Anthony Fletcher
    Anthony Fletcher Personal Trainer
  • Mona Kular
    Dr Mona Kular Medical doctor, Health & Nutrition Coach
  • Wanda Baltaza
    Wanda Baltaza Clinical Nutritionist, PhD
  • Andrea Skelin
    Andrea Skelin Molecular biologist, PhD
  • Brittany Ford
    Brittany Ford Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Great insights and feedback on how I can take my health to the next level. It is certainly an eye-opening process and I encourage all to check your GlycanAge. Thanks again!

Our Scientists & Advisors

Our Scientific Advisory Board includes scientists, researchers, doctors, and authors across the fields of glycobiology, immunology, longevity and molecular biology, including lead figures from the Human Glycome Project.

They lead labs, teach at world-renowned academic institutions, and have hundreds of publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The ongoing research allows us to not only provide the most accurate test of biological age, but also to keep adding to the insights we can deliver to you.

With over 100,000 participants worldwide, and 20 years of experience we are at the forefront of glycoscience globally.

  • Prof. Sc.D Gordan Lauc
    Prof. Sc.D Gordan Lauc Molecular Biologist
  • PhD. Bill Andrews
    PhD. Bill Andrews Scientist, Biologist and Gerontologist
  • Prof. Sc.D Ronald Schnaar
    Prof. Sc.D Ronald Schnaar Pharmacologist, Molecular Biologist
  • Prof. Sc.D Vlatka Zoldoš
    Prof. Sc.D Vlatka Zoldoš Epigeneticist
  • Prof. Sc.D Dragan Primorac
    Prof. Sc.D Dragan Primorac Physician, Geneticist, Forensic Scientist
  • PhD. Marija Pezer
    PhD. Marija Pezer Scientist, Molecular Biologist
  • PhD. Marina Martinić Kavur Scientist, Head of Science Communications