We know (peri-)menopause is hard – from getting a diagnosis to receiving treatment that’s effective for you.

can help.

Find out if you’re approaching or in (peri-)menopause


We see a fast increase in Biological Age of women approaching or entering the menopause.

Check if your menopause treatment is working well for you


We see a fast reduction in Biological Age of women on well managed, appropriate menopause treatment.

What do I get?

You’ll receive two simple at-home GlycanAge tests, to use three months apart. This allows us to measure how your biological age changes over that time.

You’ll also receive two menopause focused consultations with our lovely specialists (one for each test) to help you interpret what your result indicate regarding your menopause status and/or treatment efficacy.

Why GlycanAge and not the DUTCH test?

We measure glycans which are much more stable and therefore, consistent and accurate than the hormone levels which the DUTCH test relies on. Hormone levels notoriously fluctuate dramatically, even over a few hours making effectively comparing measurements impossible.

Still not sure?

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* We want to help, so we’re working on a specific (peri-)menopause product which we hope will become the fully acredited gold standard for menopause diagnosis and personalised treatment measurement. There is lots to do before we can release it, but you can be a part of it now as we already have data that offers you insights.

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