Ana Cindrić

Ana’s scientific work is mainly based on the analysis of protein glycosylation in Down syndrome as a premature ageing research model. She is currently doing her PhD focused on systematic research of immunoglobulin G glycosylation in the biggest population of people with Down syndrome to date with a goal of creating a more complete picture of the disorder. 


An Old Cure for a New Cause – Weight Loss as an Anti-Ageing Strategy

Tired of anti-ageing advice that just does not work? Try a science-backed approach, powered by glycans

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The Importance of IgG Glycosylation in Drug Development

IgG glycosylation is an important part of antibody-based drug production since it offers insights into the drug’s efficacy along with a more accurate prediction of the patient’s immune response to the drug.

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Don’t Stress – Your Glycans Will Know

How stress can affect your glycans and increase your biological age

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