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We truly have a treat for you - a lecture taught by Thomas Klarić, a member of our team researching the human glycome project. The lecture is titled The Mind Full of Glycans - an insight into the importance of glycans for the neurobiological processes in our brain.

Glycosylation plays a crucial role in the development and normal functioning of the central nervous system. The latest research indicates that the glyco-profile of the brain is dynamic and can be modified in response to intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

In this lecture, we will examine some of the factors that can affect the glycosylation of brain proteins with a special focus on ageing and inflammation. In addition, we will also explore the link between changes in Immunoglobulin G glycosylation and various neurological disorders.

We’ll start by explaining the difference between GlycanAge and Brain N-glycome as well as why we use one instead of the other when researching neurological disorders. After that, we’ll go into human brain development and specific ailments like brain cancer, MS and PTSD.




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Thomas Klarić

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