Acknowledgment and Consent

Before proceeding with the test, we need your Acknowledgement that you understand the key terms on which GlycanAge Ltd will process your biological age test and your Consent in relation to your data.

Your Acknowledgement and Consent are critical to the GlycanAge test process. Both your Acknowledgment and your Consent affect your legal rights.


  • These Acknowledgements will be legally binding between you and GlycanAge Ltd.

  • The questionnaire that you may choose to complete as part of your GlycanAge test will be used to analyze and interpret your results. We would kindly ask that you be as accurate as possible in providing your responses. Inaccurate responses may impact the informational value of our observations.

  • You have been asked to provide a blood sample as part of the testing process. Any departure from the instructions provided by GlycanAge Ltd could lead to the sample being contaminated or unusable. This may affect the reliability and accuracy of our analysis and observations and provide an inaccurate measurement of your GlycanAge.

  • The GlycanAge Ltd biological age test provides you with insights in relation to your biological age. The GlycanAge test is not a medical diagnostic test and should never be relied upon to diagnose or treat a disease or illness. We encourage you to discuss your results with your qualified health advisor if you have questions or concerns arising from your biological age test.

  • Glycoscience continues to evolve. As new discoveries are made and new advances are brought to market, GlycanAge Ltd is likely to change the content of its reports, the analysis and analytical techniques it applies in assessing and reporting on the biological age of an individual. When purchasing the GlycanAge test you acknowledge that GlycanAge Ltd is only obliged to apply the reporting, testing and analytical protocols that it has established at the time of purchase.

  • You understand that by providing any sample, having the information provided and processed or providing responses to the GlycanAge Ltd questionnaire, you acquire no rights in any research or commercial products that may be developed by GlycanAge Ltd or its research or commercial partners. You specifically understand that you will not receive compensation for any research or commercial products that include or result from the information or derived from the information you provide.

  • GlycanAge Ltd will not return the data or sample you provide to GlycanAge Ltd and you acknowledge that GlycanAge Ltd is under no obligation to process a subsequent request from you or anyone acting on behalf of your estate for the return of your data or sample.

  • You are freely requesting this test and are of legal age to acquire this test. In the event that the test is being requested by you for an individual under your guardianship, you acknowledge that your decision has been made freely and that you have the authority to provide this acknowledgment on behalf of that individual.

  • GlycanAge Ltd is offering its services from the United Kingdom and any dispute, claim, demand or other action you may have against GlycanAge Ltd shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales. The courts of England shall be vested with exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute, claim or demand.


GlycanAge Ltd understands the sensitivities associated with personal data including the information you provide in your questionnaire and the data derived from analyzing your sample. We ask that you read this Consent carefully. You consent to the following:

  • GlycanAge Ltd sharing your data as outlined herein. GlycanAge Ltd may use third-party laboratories to undertake certain parts of the analytical process, including laboratories outside of the UK or the country in which you live. As part of that process, the third-party laboratories may receive your blood sample extracted and data extracted from the questionnaire. Please note, GlycanAge Ltd will never share your personal identification data with anyone other than yourself, your GlycanAge advisor through whom you booked this test or other person as required by law, regulation or the direction of a court of competent jurisdiction.

  • GlycanAge Ltd storing, managing and maintaining your data in accordance with its Privacy Policy now in existence or as an amendment at GlycanAge Ltd’s absolute discretion.


  • Age: This test is intended for people aged 18 or older.

  • Blood transfusion: This test is not intended for people who have received blood transfusion or gamma globulin derivates (such as intravenous immunoglobulin preparations) within the last 6 months.

Warning! If you are taking any blood-thinning medications or you are suffering from a blood clotting disorder, discuss the safety of taking the test with your attending physician.

Special Considerations

  • Pregnancy: This test is no riskier than a usual blood withdrawal. Therefore, it is safe to take during pregnancy. However, pregnancy can affect your results. If you are pregnant, please report the gestation week to your GlycanAge advisor.

  • Menstrual cycle: Changes in the sex hormones levels are known to affect the result of this test. You will be asked about the day of your menstrual cycle by your GlycanAge advisor. If you are planning to take multiple tests, please time them to the same day of the menstrual cycle.

  • Contraceptives or other hormonal therapy: Contraceptives and other hormonal therapy can affect your result. If you are taking contraceptives or other hormonal therapy (including, but not limited to IVF hormonal treatment), please report this to your GlycanAge advisor.

  • Medications: Different medications can affect your results. If you are taking any medications (including but not limited to corticosteroids), please report this to your GlycanAge advisor.