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Our GlycanAge test reveals your body’s true age - its biological age.
Discover your number and take control of your health.

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How it works

  • Choose your plan and place your order online.
  • Collect few drops of blood with a quick finger prick test.
  • Send to our lab for analysis. It only takes 2-4 weeks.
  • View your results in your personal online dashboard.
  • Consult with our Care Team throughout your journey. *
* Available for Guided Plan only

Why GlycanAge?

Using cutting-edge, patented technology, the GlycanAge test is the most accurate indicator of biological age and therefore overall health, developed by testing over 80,000 individuals worldwide.

Science behind

Preventative health

With increased interest in preventative health, and tests aimed at everything from individual genetics to food intolerances, GlycanAge is the most sensible place to start - and continue to track lifestyle change - as it provides an overall indicator of health.

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Our scientists

Our team of award-winning scientists are at the forefront of biochemistry and molecular biology and have studied ageing for over 20 years. Their research has been published in thousands of scientific journals worldwide.

About us

published in

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Circulation Research. American Health Association. The Gerontological Society of America. Internation Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Success stories

Martin Richartz

Martin Richartz – a creative director, balancing a busy life from his studio in London, shares his GlycanAge story with us.

After taking the test, we asked him to complete the following:

  • My chronological age is… 40
  • My GlycanAge is… 22
  • Health is… peace of mind
  • Sleep is… energy
  • Nutrition is… key
  • Movement is… when things flow
  • Stress is… no balance
  • Balance is… the most important thing
  • Knowledge is… there isn’t much to know for sure
  • Age is… 40
  • The future of health is… everyone’s future
Chronological age
Martin Richartz