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GlycanAge is your key to healthy ageing. It is the only biological age test that accurately measures your unique response to lifestyle change.

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Impact of dietary change

Biological age
Chronological age
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Is GlycanAge for you?

GlycanAge reveals the age of your immune system. Self-knowledge inspires change - it’s time you take control of your health.

GlycanAge is perfect if you are:

Making lifestyle improvements You are starting to make lifestyle improvements and looking to take a preventative approach to your health.
Interested in ageing well You care about ageing well and staying healthy and want to measure your progress in doing so.
Bouncing back Bouncing back from stress of a major life event such as the loss of a loved one, a divorce or illness.
Measuring fitness recovery You care about your body and your fitness, and want to measure the effectiveness of your workouts.
Simply hungry for science You want to know more about what your glycans say about your lifestyle choices.
Looking to compare results You are looking to compare results with close friends or family.

Why trust GlycanAge?

World leaders in glyco-science
Our team of award-winning scientists is at the forefront of biochemistry and molecular biology.
Highest standards for quality
We place quality and accuracy over profit, performing multiple tests on your sample to ensure your results are the most trustworthy measure of biological age available. Any change in your score is a reflection of a true biological change, not an error margin.
Over 200 scientific publications
We have studied ageing for over 25 years publishing our findings in more than 200 scientific papers.
Tested on over 200k individuals
GlycanAge is proven to work, in both scientific trials and personal tests spanning over 200k individuals. We are the only biological age test that is proven to respond to lifestyle changes.
Patented Technology
Over three decades of innovation and groundbreaking research of glycans by our lab, Genos, has led to the patented technology that we use today in analysing your GlycanAge.

How does it work?

Choose a plan
Choose from various plans and payment options which come with tailored advice from our specialists. Receive your test kit with everything you need through your letterbox.

We also provide free sample return postage for UK, USA & Canada and are working hard to add more countries to that list very soon.
Do a GlycanAge test
It’s quick and easy to take your sample with a simple finger prick test. Instructions are included, but we’ve also made a how-to video. Drop it in the post using the provided envelope and we’ll get to work on the analysis.

* It will take 3-5 weeks for your results to be ready. It takes this long, because we run multiple tests on your sample to ensure the most accurate measure of biological age available
View your results
We’ll email you as soon as your results are back from our labs so you can view them in your dashboard.

While you wait, you can login and fill in your profile details, which help us provide you with the best advice on what your results are influenced by and things you may want to look at improving.
Consult with your Care Team
Our plans come with complimentary guidance for your health and wellness journey. Once you receive your results, you will be able to book your free one to one video consultation with a Care Team Specialist, who will work with you to discover where you may like help in improving and can then arrange further paid consultations with functional specialists in that area.

You’ll be able to monitor your success with further testing as part of your plan.

Hear from our happy & diverse customers.

Great insights and feedback on how I can take my health to the next level. It is certainly an eye-opening process and I encourage all to check your GlycanAge. Thanks again!

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