What is 

GlycanAge is a cutting-edge test that measures biological age by assessing chronic inflammation, a key factor in chronic diseases.

We do this by evaluating specific biomarkers called glycans, complex carbohydrates that regulate the immune system.

Accurately assess your patients’ inflammatory status
Build personalised health programs
Track reduction in chronic inflammation in 3 months

How will GlycanAge improve my practice?

GlycanAge empowers you to test the effectiveness of your interventions - uniquely for each client.

GlycanAge responds to lifestyle and pharmaceutical interventions - in months, not years.

The ideal tool for cutting edge clinics.

What's in it for you?

Want to try GlycanAge in your practice?

35% off your first order

for new partners

Wholesale pricing

Partners can purchase tests at a wholesale discount price, starting at 22.5% below retail price.

This allows you to make money on every GlycanAge test you provide through your practice.

wholesale pricing - starting from 22.5%
a bulk of tests

Bulk discounts

We get it - you’re a business: Our special discounts for prepaid bulk orders allow you to maximise your profits whilst delivering cutting edge insights only available to partners.

GlycanAge Plus

Our ground-breaking partner only beta report highlighting disease research overlaps.

We know you offer value and insight, not just testing. As a partner, you can access our full GlycanAge Plus report.

GlycanAge Plus is not available to consumers, ensuring a layer of exclusivity to you.

an example of a glycanage report
illustration showing a longevity specialist teaching about longevity

Free training and education from our longevity specialists

Glycoscience is still not widely understood. We have comprehensive partner training and education available, to ensure you’re at the cutting edge of knowledge.

If you need support with report interpretation after your patients results are ready, our team of longevity specialists are here to help.

Just book a session through your dashboard.

Dedicated account manager

At GlycanAge we know it's all about relationships. We assign you a dedicated account manager to make sure everything you need is taken care of.

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Start measuring your success

Partner only education and research resources

Access all our e-books, videos and research library, so you're always at the cutting edge.

Download your FREE copy of our new partner only e-book. GlycanAge 101

Get your practice up to speed today.

Quickly learn the essentials of biological age, the science behind GlycanAge and details of what’s included in the report.

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