Ageing, whilst a natural process, is the accumulation of damage in your body over time, caused by a long term over-activation of the immune system.

Discovering your biological age will provide you with the confidence that your current lifestyle is optimal, or empower you to make changes if there could be room for improvement.

Choose a plan

Choose from various plans and payment options which come with a tailored advice from our specialists. Receive your test-kit with everything you need through your letterbox and send your sample back to us in the return postage provided.


Do a GlycanAge test

It’s quick and easy to take your sample with a simple finger prick test. Instructions are included, but we’ve also made a how-to video. It takes 3-5 weeks for your results to be ready, because we run multiple tests on your sample to ensure the most accurate measure of biological age available

View your results

We’ll email you as soon as your results are back from our lab so you can view them in your dashboard. While you wait, you can login and fill in your profile details, which help us provide you with the best advice on what your results are influenced by and things you may want to look at improving.

Looking at dashboard

Consult your care team

Our plans come with complimentary guidance for your health and wellness journey. Once you receive your results, you will be able to book your free one to one video consultation with a Care Team Specialist, who will work with you to discover where you may like help in improving.

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