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IgG Glycans & High Blood Pressure

Recent scientific publication in the leading cardiological journal “Circulation” discovered a molecular link between GlycanAge and high blood pressure.

One of the IgG glycan components analysed by the GlycanAge test — the S glycan, is not only a health biomarker but functional effector that protects from high blood pressure. “Bad” IgG glycans increase with age and act pro-inflammatory, while the “good” glycans that suppress inflammation decrease with age. We can control the levels of “good” and “bad” S glycans by changing certain habits in our lifestyle and daily routines. However these are very personal and it is difficult to know without further analysis whether diet, physical activity, stress or sleep are dominant in a given individual.

However, since we now know that IgG glycans are functional effectors that protect from high blood pressure, by tracking regularly and improving our GlycanAge, we can now reduce the chance of developing hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

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