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How to Collect My Blood Sample

The GlycanAge Team


* Make sure you read the Limitations & Special Considerations on your Instructions sheet before you start.

* Try to avoid junk food and alcohol the night before taking your sample and drink at least two glasses of water half an hour prior it to ensure good blood flow.

* Place the contents of the GlycanAge kit on a clean, flat and dry surface. Avoid touching the filter paper of the blood collection card. Have the plaster and a clean tissue ready to hand. 


Wash your hands with soap and water, then dry. Prepare a plaster and have a clear tissue ready.


Warm-up your fingers by rubbing your hands together for about 20-30 seconds. Wipe the selected finger (preferably middle or ring finger) with the sterile alcohol swab and let it dry.


Twist off the top of the lancet. Press it firmly down on your finger (preferably the outer centre of your fingertip). After a few seconds, a drop of blood will appear.


Without touching the card with your finger, apply at least one drop of blood per circle on the blood collection card. Do not press the finger against the collection paper.  Ensure all collection circles are filled - wait for a large drop of blood to form up between each attempt and add a second one if needed. Avoid “milking” the finger as this will speed up clotting and slow down the bleeding.

Make sure you add enough blood to ensure sample quality and avoid repeating the test. 


If the flow stops before you were able to fill in all circles, you will need to re-pierce with the spare lancets provided.


Leave the blood collection card to air-dry for 2 hours before enclosing back into the plastic bag with desiccant provided. Make sure to write the date of your sample collection underneath your unique GA code on the inside of the blood collection card.


Place only the plastic bag with blood collection card and desiccant in the pre-paid envelope and post ideally the same day in any red post box (you might need to visit your local post office if you are posting back outside the UK). Please, ideally keep in the fridge until you are ready to post. 


The GlycanAge Team

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