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Frequent Questions

What does the GlycanAge test measure?

GlycanAge is the most accurate test of biological age and wellness available and the first one with proven responsiveness to interventions, paired with follow-on health programmes. The glycan (glycome) testing solution is based on decades of research, over a hundred peer-reviewed scientific papers and tested on 100,000 people (scientific trials & commercial). You can use GlycanAge to measure & optimise the success and effectiveness of your diet, training, and supplements intervention.

We analyse 24 glycans (which represent over 99% of the glycan structures on IgG). Using these 24 structures, we determine 3 key features of the IgG glycome (Glycan Mature (G0), Glycan Health (G2) & Glycan Youth (S)), and the GlycanAge index.

How often should I test?

You can choose how often you test via the Price and plans. If you just want to discover your biological age and wellness, the one test per year option would be best suited for you.

Our two tests per year plan is more popular for people who are making lifestyle changes and would like to track their progress. We also offer bespoke payment plans suited to your needs.

How often you test can be determined by many things and is a personal choice, but it is good to keep in mind that our test can be used as a tool for measuring & optimising the success and effectiveness of your diet, training, and supplements interventions.

Testing two or more times a year will allow you to observe closely any changes in your immune system and give you the option to optimise your weight loss or dietary improvement journey, fitness regimen, sleep, mental health work or hormone therapy.

How long does it take to receive my results?

It will take 3-5 weeks for your results to be ready. It takes this long because we run multiple tests on your sample to ensure the most accurate measure of biological age available.

How can I schedule consultations with the Care Team?

Our plans come with complimentary guidance for your health and wellness journey. Once you receive your results, you will be able to book your free one to one video consultation with a Care Team Specialist, who will work with you to discover where you may like help in improving and can then arrange further paid consultations with functional specialists in that area.

You can also contact our friendly team at if you need any assistance or have any questions.

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