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Review and Compare: How To Find The Best Biological Age Test For You

What is the best home testing kit to calculate biological age? Read on to learn how to choose different body age testing kits.
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If you’re reading this article, you probably know that it is now possible to calculate biological age using various methods to determine how well your body is ageing. Biological age tests can measure the level of damage accumulated in your body so far and track the trajectory of damage over time.


Getting a better understanding of how your body is ageing and making necessary changes to your lifestyle can improve your quality of life now and in your elderly years. However, not all biological age testing kits are created equal, and some are more accurate than others.


Different Ways To Test Biological Age

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There are many different testing technologies used to calculate biological age. Consumer-grade testing kits range from simple online questionnaires to advanced glycan analysis. Below are some of the most common types of biological age testing.


IgG Glycome

The IgG glycome refers to all the glycans that sit on top of the IgG antibody, which is the most abundant antibody class in our body. On the other hand, glycans are complex sugars that are added to antibodies, as well as lipids and even RNA. They upgrade the function of each of these biomolecules, are needed for cells to communicate with one another and are of a very dynamic nature. 

Years of laboratory research have shown that glycans on IgG change with ageing, but also in response to lifestyle changes and different disease processes, sometimes even before any clinical signs of disease are present. 

This is why GlycanAge is based on the evaluation of glycans on IgG protein, making it the only test on the market that can assess the efficacy of a lifestyle or pharmacological intervention, as well as offer insight into certain disease associations.


Epigenetic Methylation

Epigenetic tests have been equally popular. Epigenetics observes the effect that the environment has on our genes. The first epigenetic clock was Horvath's clock, which calculated one's biological age by determining changes in the DNA methylation process. The latter refers to DNA gaining or losing methyl groups, which essentially change the activity of DNA segments. Today, there is an ever-increasing number of biological age tests that are based on Horvath's clock and which try to estimate biological age using this principle.


Gut Microbiome and Blood Transcriptome

Valuable information from the gut microbiome and blood transcriptome may also be used to calculate biological age. Gut microbiome is the collection of trillions of bacteria that are present in the human digestive system. In turn, the blood transcriptome is all the messenger RNA (mRNA), and following the end of the sentence, one may add that unlike DNA, RNA is dynamic and changes throughout life.


Over the past few years, scientists have discovered a strong connection between your blood transcriptome (the RNA in your blood) and your gut microbiome. This connection is called the "microbiota-gut-brain axis" (MGBA). In other words, what happens in your gut affects what happens in your blood, which can affect how well you age.



The NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) molecule is involved in many cellular processes. It can be used as a marker of biological age because its concentration decreases with age. NAD is one of the main energy-carrying molecules in our body. It also regulates DNA transcription and translation, cell signalling, and apoptosis (programmed cell death).

As we age, our cell's ability to produce NAD declines. This results in lower levels of NAD in our tissues and bloodstream, which can be measured using a simple blood test.


Top Biological Age Testing Kits 

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Biological Age Testing Kit Comparison Summary

Testing Kit


Sample Type

Result Time

Price Estimate


IgG Glycome


3 to 5 weeks

1 for £289

2 for £492 

Index By Elysium

Epigenetic methylation


6 weeks


Viome Health Intelligence

Gut microbiome and blood transcriptome

Stool and blood

2 to 3 weeks


Muhdo DNA Health Test



3 to 4 weeks


Jinfiniti's Intracellular NAD Test



7 to 10 days



GlycanAge (Best Overall)

GlycanAge is a simple at-home finger prick test that calculates your biological age by measuring levels of chronic inflammation that underpins a range of chronic conditions. We examine glycans attached to the most common antibody in your blood – immunoglobulin (IgG). Different types of glycans attached to your IgG can change the function of IgG from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory and vice versa. Both functions are needed to support a strong immune system, but the balance between them determines your general health and biological age.


The GlycanAge at-home test kit is considered by many as one of the best ways to calculate your biological age. It provides accurate results and is paired with follow-on health programmes so you can make the changes needed to improve your well-being. GlycanAge is also useful for tracking and optimising an already healthy lifestyle so you can check the effectiveness of your training, diet and supplements intervention.


Pros: Provides accurate biological age estimates, can be done through a quick and easy at-home blood test, and you get additional guidance on how to improve your health and wellness during a one-on-one session with an expert.


Cons: It takes three to five weeks for your results as several tests on your sample are run to make sure the most accurate measurement of biological age is being provided.


Index By Elysium

Index by Elysium is one of many on the market that estimates biological age by examining DNA methylation, which is paired with their algorithmic platform.


It takes around six weeks after receiving the sample before customers receive an email confirming that their results are ready. Results can be accessed through an online Elysium Health account.


Pros: The Elysium scientific advisory board includes eight Nobel Prize winners.


Cons: The Index biological age test is intended to be taken regularly over time to assess how lifestyle changes continue to affect biological age, meaning their service can get expensive, with each kit costing around $499.


Viome Health Intelligence

The Health Intelligence kit works on the theory that your gut microbiome can impact your cellular and immune health. The test claims to assess all body systems and functions, analysing functions as a whole, analysing the gene expression of your microbes, your mitochondria, and your human cells to assess how your diet and lifestyle impact your health.


Some comprehensive reviews have reported that Viome's analysis results may not provide a complete picture of health, and there is concern that the methodologies used are not clinically proven.

Pros: The result times are only 2 to 3 weeks.


Cons: There is an emphasis on taking their branded supplements which can raise eyebrows on whether some results are part of a sales tactic.


Muhdo DNA Health Test 

Mudho analyses saliva samples to understand and track how your lifestyle and environment impact your genes. Biological age is calculated using epigenetic data as well as DNA profiles. One thousand genetic areas are tested, and 300 DNA outcomes are provided.


The test provides 60 DNA reports, giving insight into various lifestyle factors, including sleep, stress and dietary preferences.


Pros: You receive a personalised meal guide and workout planner once your results have been calculated.


Cons: Need to upgrade post-purchase to receive an on-call doctor consultation.


Jinfiniti's Intracellular NAD Test

NAD deficiency is involved in many of the hallmarks of ageing and is believed to increase the risks of age-related diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Jinfiniti has partnered with a supplement company called Accuri to help target specific issues revealed by their biomarker test results. Their test can be used to assess the efficacy of NAD supplements.

At-home blood test kits, once used, are sent to the lab. Results are available 7 to 10 days after via the company's online platform.


Pros: Simple to use, and test results are available in only 7 to 10 days.


Cons: Focused on supplements being the keys to improving NAD levels which can become expensive, with their recommended supplements costing around £158 for 60mg.


Closing Thoughts

Comparing currently available biological age tests, the GlycanAge test stands out in many aspects. It is backed by decades of glycobiology research. It is a stable and reliable age clock and the only test that can accurately and relatively quickly measure the response to lifestyle changes. There are no funny schemes or sales tactics. Every test comes with a 1-to-1 consultation with a specialist, meaning that questions are welcome, as is a follow-up.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find out my biological age at home?

Easy-to-use test kits are widely popular no matter the test, GlycanAge testing kit included. For more information, check out our price and plans page. 

Is biological age accurate?

There is huge progress in understanding the ageing process at all levels leading to increasingly accurate biomarkers of ageing being formulated, with glycans being one of the most precise for calculating biological age. 

How much does a biological age test cost?

The costs of a biological age test vary widely, and it's worth researching to ensure you are getting value for money. You can find some biological age tests free online, but as you can imagine, these results won't be too accurate. In addition, some of the tests on the cheaper side are often inaccurate or require you to get a separate blood test from a third party (which can be pricey and inconvenient). GlycanAge home tests contain everything you need for us to calculate your biological age and provide actionable insights accurately.

How can I reverse my biological age and feel younger?

Biological ageing can be reversed to a point with some improvements to your lifestyle. What is important here is the holistic approach to health optimisation, meaning improvement in a variety of lifestyle aspects (diet, exercise, sleep, stress, mental health).




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