Life in Lockdown

How did your two GlycanAge results compare? And when were the tests taken?

I did my first GlycanAge test in October 2018; I was 30 years old at the time and got a [biological age] result of 32. In June 2020, when I was 33 years old, I did another GlycanAge test and my biological age went down to 22. 

That’s a decade difference! What do you think has contributed to this dramatic improvement? 

I’ve always been quite healthy but I think the most significant changes have been due to the lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic. I usually travel a lot for work, causing stress on the body. 

What specifically has changed in terms of your stress levels and your sleep, diet and exercise?

Lockdown has lowered my daily stress and has allowed me to fit in one hour of exercise daily. [ . . . ] I’ve also had to change my eating habits, as all restaurants and bars were closed for several months, and [I’ve] cooked at home everyday. My sleep cycle [has] also greatly improved.

How do you feel about the drop in your biological age and has it encouraged you to commit to any significant changes going forward?


Getting this result has definitely inspired me to continue improving my lifestyle even post-lockdown. 


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