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The Wellness Edit: Supplements to Supercharge Your Health

Feeling burnt out? Struggling to focus? Can’t sleep? These mind and body-bolstering supplements could help you to chart a healthier path...

Feeling burnt out? Struggling to focus? Can’t sleep? These mind and body-bolstering supplements could help you to chart a healthier path...


The Mood-Balancer

Evidence suggests that mood stability is influenced by the nutrients (or lack thereof) in our diet, meaning certain deficiencies can significantly impact our mental wellbeing; putting us at greater risk of depression. The Nue Co’s expertly-formulated MOOD capsules marry an arsenal of B vitamins - thought to support the body’s serotonin-producing abilities - with cortisol-curbing ashwagandha root. In short, look to them as a dependable ally in your journey towards a better-balanced state of mind.

The Nue Co. MOOD;


The Sleep-Enhancer

Hormonal shifts, time zone switch-ups and work-related pressures all have an impact on our ability to drift off, and while these sleep disruptors are largely unavoidable, there is an abundance of supplement blends that can aid us in our pursuit of a restorative night’s rest.

One such tincture is Aime’s Sleep & Glow, which couples 1mg of melatonin - often referred to as the sleep hormone - with nervous system-soothing ashwagandha. The best way to take it? Squeeze a full dropper of liquid onto your tongue - or stir it into a cup of herbal tea - around an hour before settling down for bed.

Aime Sleep & Glow;


The Immune-Defender

A powerful antioxidant and a key element in the synthesis of collagen, the biological importance of vitamin C - and the role it plays in helping our immune systems to function as they should - is no secret. If your leafy greens and citrus fruit intake leaves a lot to be desired, a supplement may well be the way forward. Liposomal varieties of vitamin C, whether taken straight from the sachet or stirred into your morning juice, can be absorbed more effectively, meaning the benefits are maximised.

YourZooki Liposomal Vitamin C;


The All-Rounder

Essential in maintaining healthy immune function and optimal bone strength, vitamin D - technically a hormone - is produced naturally when our skin is exposed to sunlight. Research suggests however that the vast majority of us are sorely deficient, meaning a daily boost may be in order. HUM’s triple-tested softgels deliver it in one of its most biologically active forms - one a day will do the trick, and since vitamin D is fat-soluble, you can boost absorption by taking it alongside your most substantial meal.

HUM Here Comes the Sun,


The Stress-Banisher

Research shows a strong correlation between optimal magnesium levels and a healthy stress-response system. Though abundant in leafy greens and nuts, some of us could do with a daily top-up. Since it can be rapidly absorbed through the skin, massaging a magnesium-rich oil into the soles of the feet can be one of the most effective ways to replenish depleted levels, thus helping to lessen the mental impact of day-to-day pressures and keep anxiety to a minimum.

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Body Spray;


The Gut-Booster

A healthy gut is a cornerstone of all-round mind and body wellbeing, meaning it is well worth the additional effort required to keep yours in tip-top condition. Studies show that supplementing your diet with L-Glutamine - a naturally occurring amino acid - can aid the digestive system’s natural healing process and support the intestinal barrier function. This could well be your answer to bloating, cramping and other IBS-related woes.

Advanced Nutrition Glutamine Powder;


The Fertility-Supporter

The world we live in is not as nutrient-rich as it once was, meaning the produce we eat is often lacking in the trace minerals and vitamins our bodies need to thrive. With this in mind, evidence suggests that although diet should be the primary source of vital nutrients during preconception and beyond, the likelihood of pregnancy can be increased with careful supplementation. Wild Nutrition’s Food-Grown Fertility capsules feature a well-rounded spectrum of fertility-boosting essentials - from zinc and naturally methylated folate, to iron and selenium - to optimise ovulation, and support both hormonal and psychological health.

Wild Nutrition Women’s Food-Grown Fertility;


The Mind-Sharpener

Maintaining razor-sharp focus for hours at a time is no mean feat, even for the most tenacious among us. But if you seldom feel as though you are firing on all cylinders, and an endless stream of espresso is a necessary day-to-day prop-up, a brain-bolstering supplement blend could be just the ticket. Featuring a science-backed synergy of nootropics - spanning neurotransmitter-regulating iodine, to adrenal-strengthening Siberian ginseng - EQUI’s Original Formula means business. When it comes to maximising cognitive function and supercharging your concentration levels, it can be a valuable tool.

EQUI LONDON Original Formula;


Research into the efficacy of supplementation is still ongoing. Always seek the advice of a professional before adding a new supplement into your diet.

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