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In an age where burnout is the rule rather than the exception, these rarified retreats take health to new heights.

In an age where burnout is the rule rather than the exception, these rarified retreats take health to new heights

Healthy Ageing at SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

Strung across a Mediterranean-gazing Sierra Helada hillside, SHA Wellness Clinic is entirely deserving of its stellar reputation, and when it comes to reining in overactive biological clocks, the doctor-driven Healthy Ageing programme works wonders. The all-encompassing roster of tests - spanning bone densitometry scans and sleep studies, to full-blown neurocognitive assessments - get straight to the root of any concerns, after which a tailored-to-you schedule of futuristic fixes ensues. Expect to leave feeling decidedly more buoyant, with a detailed health dossier to keep you on track once you hit home turf. The seven-day Healthy Ageing programme begins at €7,500 (approx. £6,805); visit

Life Reset at Amanpuri, Phuket, Thailand

Amanpuri's sigh-inducing, jungly surrounds are enough to pull you back from the brink of burnout, but leave it to the profoundly restorative Life Reset programme to put a real spring back in your step. Supremely immersive with an East-meets-West approach, expert-led consultations zero in on all manner of maladies, and treatments address every aspect of exhaustion. Stomach cramps? Targeted acupuncture. Relentless migraines? Deep-reaching craniosacral therapy. Stiff joints? Dawn yoga in the airy, palm-framed pavilion. Whether you're stressed to the hilt or struggling with an out-of-kilter sleeping pattern, this other-worldly holistic haven holds the key to positive change. The three-day Life Reset programme begins at £3,359; visit

Lanserhof Cure Active at Lanserhof Resort Lans, Tyrol, Austria

Underpinned by the gut-centric Mayr method, health-bolstering stints at Lanserhof Resort Lans deliver serious results, and for energetic types with sights set on optimum wellbeing, the Lanserhof Cure Active is just the ticket. Following a no-holds-barred line-up of diagnostics, pulse-quickening workouts with tenacious trainers propel you toward your goals, the Energy Cuisine concept (devised to work alongside the body's diurnal rhythm) provides much-needed respite for overworked organs, and then there are Kneipp baths, cryotherapy sessions and mood-lifting walks in the Tyrolean woodland. A rigorous week here has pitfalls and peaks, but with a world-beating team of doctors at your side, you're in very safe hands. The seven-day Lanserhof Cure Active begins at €3,611 (approx. £3,250); visit

Vitality Immersion at Shou Sugi Ban House, The Hamptons, USA

At Shou Sugi Ban House, all is crisp, clean-lined and decidedly peaceful. The philosophy here is a wholeheartedly holistic one - rooted in nature yet ever so forward-thinking - and the nurturing Vitality Immersion promises to bring you closer to tip-top physical and emotional wellness. Hours float by in a contented blur of immunity workshops, barefoot beach walks and yoga nidra sessions in the greenery-framed geodesic dome, and the creative plant-based menu is overseen by Noma co-founder Mads Refslund. You'll check out with a supercharged immune system and a deepened appreciation for self-care. The two-day Vitality Immersion begins at $3,750 (approx. £2,898); visit

The Kings Way at Villa Stephanie, Baden Baden, Germany

If you're intent on taking charge of your health, Villa Stephanie is the place to do it. Encircled by smart-as-a-pin parkland on the edge of the Black Forest, this pioneering medi marvel leaves no stone unturned, and The Kings Way - the brainchild of Dr. Harry König - is the holy grail when it comes to head-to-toe detoxification. A comprehensive full-body MOT heralds the beginning of the process, and there's a bespoke bill of doctor-directed treatments, exercise classes and perspective-shifting lifestyle lectures to follow. The results can be genuinely life-altering. The ten-day Kings Way programme begins at €9,900 (approx. £8,556); visit

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