What is the difference between GlycanAge and other biological age tests on the market?

Telomeres are DNA timers that limit the lifespan of a single cell. On the individual cell level, telomeres are the best marker of ageing. However, we are composed of trillions of cells and each of them has different age and expected lifespan. A recent large study concluded that telomeres are not a good predictor of age-related health status.

GlycanAge is different because it measures your IgG glycosylation (glycans attached to the most abundant antibody in your immune system), which directly correlates with the level of inflammation in your body. It will give you information about the immune balance of your organism that changes with age, health and life circumstances.

Horvath's clock is based on the analysis of over 300 pieces of epigenetic information, GlycanAge is based on a single molecule and its functional regulation. While the methylation clock measures information, we measure direct effectors.

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