How do you interpret my results?

GlycanAge is the first commercial, glycan-based, biological age test that determines your biological age essentially by looking at the state of your immune system and inflammation. It is a measure of your health, irrespective of your actual chronological age.

We analyse 27 glycans (which represent over 99% of the glycan structures on IgG). Using these 27 structures, we determine 3 key features of the IgG glycome (Glycan Mature (G0), Glycan Health (G2) & Glycan Youth (S)), and the GlycanAge index. The type of glycans attached to your IgG antibodies is able to change the function of IgG from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory and vice versa.

Your Glycan Mature (G0) Index is known to promote inflammation. It does that by activating the complement system through the lectin pathway, thus low levels of G0 are generally considered to be beneficial for general health. In adults, the proportion of these structures rises naturally with age, so the lower result you are able to achieve - the better.

Your Glycan Health (G2) and Glycan Youth (G0) Indexes act anti-inflammatory and protect us against inflammation. As we age, our levels of G2 and G0 decrease. Decreased levels of G2 & G0 are associated with different autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, thus high levels of these glycans are considered to be biomarkers of youthfulness.

Before menopause, women tend to have higher levels of G2, thus in a way being protected from inflammation. During menopause there is usually a sharp drop in G2, meaning their body “ages” significantly during this period and is less protected against inflammation after menopause.

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