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About the #FeelGoodStudy

Together, we are exploring the impact of Lumity supplementation on biological age


Powered by extensive research, the team of experts at GlycanAge are dedicated to continuous exploration & innovation, focusing on the impact of lifestyle interventions and disease prediction through glycan analysis.


Developed by a PhD biologist, exists to support and enhance the way you feel on a daily basis. Providing your body with a carefully calibrated blend of nutrients, their supplements are designed to meet the changing needs of your body, day and night.

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The benefits of taking part in the #FeelGoodStudy

Support your body from within

With a carefully calibrated blend of nutrients, the Morning & Night supplements meets the ever changing needs of your body, day and night.

Personalised, expert advice

Immerse yourself in the #FeelGoodStudy, where you’ll receive bespoke, expert advice tailored to your Unique well-being journey.

Discover how you’re ageing

Equip yourself with personalised knowledge on how your body is ageing and be empowered to support your body in the best ways possible.

One-to-one study support

Experience unparalleled one-to-one support, guiding you through the journey with personalised care and expertise.

Lifetime 20% discount

Participate in the #FeelGoodStudy and secure an exclusive lifelong 20% discount off GlycanAge and Lumity Morning & Night.

Enjoy 50% off #FeelGoodStudy kit

Unlock 50% off the #FeelGoodStudy kit - a totally exclusive on the most ground-breaking healthy ageing products on the market.

The #FeelGoodStudy bundle provides you with:

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Two GlycanAge tests*

This should be taken the day before you start your Morning & Night supplementation. Inside the GlycanAge test box you will find an easy-to-follow guide on how to take your test.

Lumity Morning & Night supplements

Your first 28-day supply of Lumity's award-winning Morning & Night supplements, complete with refillable glass bottles, to be used throughout your 12 week journey (and beyond!). Each 28-day supply of supplements will be sent to you by post over the course of the study.

Lumity Morning & Night Travel Cases

Perfect for helping you stay consistent with your new supplement routine. These handbag-friendly travel cases are designed to be filled up and taken with you.

*In your first package we will send you 1 GlycanAge test, a 28-day supply of Lumity Morning & Night supplements and a 2 travel cases for your Morning & Night supplements
quotes 5 stars
Ten years younger than I am
I’ve been taking Lumity Morning & Night for a few years now and honestly believe I could not get by without it. As a a mum who had her last child naturally at 44, I felt pretty dreadful after unlike with my previous pregnancies over a decade earlier.
I recently had a GlycanAge test done to check how all my internal organs, my immune system, etc. were working and mine came back at 43! Ten years younger than I am. I now have enough energy to cope with my duracell-bunny-child along with two jobs and a race around life. I also haven’t had so much as a cold for years and truly believe that in this scary time Lumity has given me a protection I could only have dreamt of before.
Z. Ball | Lumity Customer

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