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Determine your biological age and verify the impact of your biohacking practices with evidence-based results!

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With so many unproven theories circulating on the internet, it’s hard to get heard or taken seriously. GlycanAge can help you demonstrate your biohacking story, backed by powerful science.

Cut through the noise & show the world you’re right.

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GlycanAge has helped me focus on the needle movers for me on optimising my health and life even further - thanks to testing and the insights gained, I've reduced my biological age by 3 years in just a few months. I look forward to the next test results.

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How Our Biological Age Test Works

GlycanAge is the only biological age test proven to respond to lifestyle changes. We measure what conventional tests can’t in a useful timeframe.


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What our customers say

I had to pull together information from different places and come up with my own hypothesis, my own framework, and give it a try. And honestly, when I saw that my GlycanAge dropped by six years, I was really surprised.

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Nick E, 36
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For a while, I wanted to find a North Star metric to measure my health and health optimization efforts, and biological age is the one for me now, thanks to GlycanAge.

Frederico, 31

I was very, very happy because my DNA methylation age was only 8 years younger and your test results really blew me out of the water.

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Faraz, 41

Elevate Your Biohacking journey

GlycanAge is the only test that responds quickly to changes you make. Measure your biohacking success.

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