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Women's biological age tends to increase dramatically during menopause. Unlike hormone levels which fluctuate during the month, glycans show changes years in advance, offering a unique opportunity for early detection and intervention. With the ability to predict menopause before severe symptoms like fatigue, night sweats, brain fog and joint pain occur, GlycanAge empowers women to take timely action.

Take Control of Your (Peri)Menopause

We’re all unique. Not every treatment works well for every woman. GlycanAge helps you find what’s right for you.

Managing your menopause can be easy. Start today!

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GlycanAge has been a brilliant and credible way of understanding one’s body better and how to keep healthy. It has enabled me to measure the progress of my menopausal journey.

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How Our Biological Age Test Work

Find your perfect balance today. Use GlycanAge tests to discover where you are in your menopause journey and to measure and optimise your lifestyle choices and therapies.


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Our specialists will help you review your results (after each test) and advise on your next steps.


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We see a strong correlation between various lifestyle improvements and a reduction in GlycanAge.

Measure and optimise the impact of your therapy on your long term health outcomes.

What our customers say

Testing my GlycanAge twice a year provides a clear focus and reassurance that my biological ageing and inflammaging are in good shape despite Menopause.

Suzanne, 57
45   43

Menopause drives you to make a lot of changes in your life. I talked to one of your specialists and they asked me about breathing, meditating, having more time to rest, having more time off, my social life, and all that.

Anonymous, 49
35   20

I had decided against HRT until I did a GlycanAge test and discovered my biological age was greater than my chronological age, despite a very healthy lifestyle. At the consultation the benefits of HRT were explained and I was referred to a specialist who helped me feel great again.

Anonymous, 57
59   25

Conquer (Peri)Menopause!

Get off the emotional rollercoaster, clear your brain fog and stop the hot-flushes.

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