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Stress reduction, healthy exercise, improved diet, better sleep, reducing alcohol intake and stopping smoking all have a measurable impact on your health. GlycanAge is the only test that responds to lifestyle change.

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Be healthier for longer. Use GlycanAge tests to measure and optimise the impact of your lifestyle choices on your long term health outcomes.


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We see a strong correlation between various lifestyle improvements and a reduction in GlycanAge.

We know that a greater healthspan is how we get to enjoy more time, to explore, be with loved ones, or embrace our hobbies.

What our customers say

The GlycanAge metric looks at more than just my diet, it considers my stress levels and my working rate, and having that data is definitely useful to review how my behaviour impacts me long term.

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Christian, 30
24   20

GlycanAge is the ultimate assessment as it gives an overall score of our health status as opposed to a cardiovascular, liver or hormonal one.

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Anastasis, 42
45   29

Basically, in 18 months, I improved my biological age by 18 years. I went from 55 to 37 and I’m so happy to see all the changes I made paid off.

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Dubravko, 42
55   37

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Measure how small changes can dramatically improve your health and wellness with GlycanAge. The only test that responds to lifestyle change.