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Top 11 Biohacking Products - Devices & Supplements

What are the best biohacking supplements and devices? We have created a list of the best biohacking products on the market! Learn more!
The GlycanAge Team

The biohacking industry has exploded in recent years. With an increasing number of people turning to do-it-yourself health hacks in order to live their best lives, the number of biohacking products available on the market has also rocketed. 

Everyone has different reasons for biohacking, and when it comes to choosing the right products, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Your longevity journey should be personalised to your needs, goals, wants and biology.

Maybe you’ve tried traditional medicine and are looking for an alternative approach to address your health concerns; perhaps you’re more open to exploring unorthodox ways to achieve optimal health; you may even have reached a point in life where you’re interested in delaying or reversing the ageing process to live a longer and healthier life.

But with the overwhelming amount of biohacking supplements, tools, and devices being bombarded your way, how do you know what really works and is the right fit for you?

Keep reading for a list of the best biohacking products on the market today to help transform your life for the better.

What Is Biohacking?

Before we delve into the top biohacking products, it’s important to know the meaning behind the concept. Essentially, biohacking is the space where science meets biology and self-experimentation. It involves understanding exactly what your mind and body need to achieve optimal performance based on bio-individual components. 

For our clients, it means incorporating sustainable lifestyle changes and habits based on their GlycanAge results. Every test comes with a complimentary one-on-one consultation with a specialist who gives out personalized advice to help create a conducive plan for achieving optimal health and well-being. This could mean changing your diet to one that suits you better, recommending supplements, changing your workout routine etc. If you're interested in our process, you can read interviews with real clients and get a better understanding of how we helped them hack their biology.

By taking advantage of innovative, scientifically validated technology, biohacking allows you to manipulate and enhance mental and physical health beyond conventional medicine. 

Best Biohacking Products For The Start Of Your Biohacking Journey

From the best biohacking supplements to other devices, we have a complete list ready for you.

GlycanAge Biological Test

Anyone with a birth certificate knows their chronological age - the amount of time they’ve spent on this planet in terms of years, months, and days. But did you know that your biological age is the true marker of health, wellness, and longevity?

The GlycanAge test relies on glycans as biomarkers to calculate biological age based on the state of your immune system. This knowledge can empower you to make relevant changes to your wellness routine in order to address your specific ailments, enhance your health span, and reverse your biological age

Not only may GlycanAge capture and, in some instances, even preempt health conditions before symptoms appear, but it can also provide feedback on current lifestyle and personalised improvements to consider.

All it takes is a simple finger prick test in the comfort of your own home. You can receive results in as little as three weeks from dispatching your testing kit to the lab. Once your results are ready, our experts will conduct a one-on-one consultation with you to help you develop a personalised wellness plan and slow down ageing!

Mito PRO Series Red Light Therapy

There’s plenty of research out there to vouch for the benefits of red light therapy, rendering it one of the best biohacks around to heal you from the outside in. 

In a nutshell, red light therapy consists of exposure to a deep-penetrating specific wavelength of light to supercharge the mitochondria (the mighty powerhouse of every cell in your body) to enhance cellular function and regeneration. It works to address everything from surface-level issues, such as problematic skin conditions and hair loss, right down to repairing muscle tissues and bones, and so much more.

The Mito PRO sports is an award-winning quad-wavelength design to enhance efficacy and maximise benefits, making it one of the most advanced red light therapy devices available. 

It has a modular design and complete flexibility to support at-home or commercial applications. It comes with an integrated digital control panel with a built-in timer, giving you the power to customise your therapy sessions at the push of a button.

Oura Ring

It’s no secret that sleep is the cornerstone of healthy brain function and peak physical health. Getting inadequate or poor-quality sleep over time increases the risk of developing chronic health conditions. For any biohacker looking for effective ways to enhance their sleep quality, Oura Ring is the solution. 

Don’t let the ring’s lightweight design and small size fool you. This stylish, yet discreet gadget is intended to be worn 24/7 to measure biometric data such as heart rate, body temperature, and respiration rate, which provides comprehensive insight into overall health, fitness and recovery states.

The cutting-edge technology also tracks sleeping patterns to establish how much deep, restorative sleep you get each night while providing useful advice on how to optimise sleep quality. 

Your Oura Ring will constantly be recording data as long it is worn and will store up to 6 weeks of information, all of which can be displayed on a synced smartphone device. Moreover, data collection appears to be much more accurate than alternative wrist wearables.  

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Numerous studies have confirmed the harmful effects of blue light emitting from electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops and television screens, as well as artificial light bulbs. 

Excessive exposure to this ‘junk light’, particularly at night, disrupts melatonin production and, in turn, throws off circadian rhythms responsible for regulating a whole host of bodily functions and processes. Blue light exposure can affect everything from our immune system, weight, and vision, to our mood and quality of sleep. For some people who spend more than 8 hours a day in front of a screen, this blue light can lead to headaches. Investing in a pair of blue light-blocking glasses may be the best thing you can do to banish those harmful blue rays and gain back control of your sleep.


The right type of supplement can enhance your mental performance and support brain health. 

The tricky part is choosing the right ones for you. For starters, we recommend getting a blood test and checking your iron and vitamin levels. If your doctor detects any deficiencies, ask them for a supplement recommendation.

That way, you'll cover your basic needs. However, that blood test won't show the real state of your well-being. If you're interested in longevity supplements that have been proven to bring down your biological age, we recommend Nuchido. This is a supplement brand that focuses on NAD+ and in order to test their products, we partnered in a clinical study that found their supplement reduced biological age by an average of 1.26 years after just 28 days.

One Skin

No one is immune to the effects of ageing; wrinkles, skin damage, and a loss of suppleness are all an inevitable part of this process, which even the most skincare-savvy of us will eventually face. 

With that said, our lifestyle and environment play a key role in how fast we succumb to the effects of ageing, including factors such as sun, chemical, and pollution exposure, diet, stress, and skincare routine, to name a few. 

Many ingredients in skincare products contain an array of harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the skin’s delicate barrier, making it more susceptible to looking old, yet still, they get classified as - anti-ageing. That's why we're only interested in skin care that has scientific backing.

One Skin makes it easier than ever before to biohack your way to healthier, younger-looking skin. All of their products are formulated with OS-01, the first ingredient that was scientifically proven to reverse the skin's biological age at a molecular level.  

Muse Headband

Although meditation is thousands of years old, research on its health benefits is ever-expanding and continues to show promise. Regular practice has proven beneficial in everything from relieving anxiety, pain, and depression to developing healthy sleep patterns, better discipline and a boosted immune system. 

The Muse headband is a meditation training tool that uses biofeedback technology to accurately measure the success of your meditation sessions and provide constructive feedback in real-time. The powerful technology works in tandem with the Muse app to help you understand data gathered by the headband. 

The comfortable and lightweight headgear contains built-in sensors to accurately read your current state of mind. It also offers hundreds of guided meditations to help you reach specific goals, such as achieving better sleep, improved focus, relieving stress, and much more. 

Water Filtration System

Given that our bodies are made up of almost 60% water, drinking plenty of it on a daily basis is a must for optimal health. But do you know what’s actually in the water you’re drinking? As clean as it appears to the naked eye, tap water can contain a whole host of bacteria, viruses, and contaminants, including pesticides, and heavy metals.

That's why we suggest investing in a good-quality water purifier.

Vagus Nerve Stimulator

Vagus nerve stimulation is a device that stimulates the vagus nerve with electrical impulses. Why should you invest in it? Well, the vagus nerve runs from the lower part of the brain through the neck to the chest and stomach. When it's stimulated, electrical impulses travel to areas of the brain, which alters brain activity to treat certain conditions.

All you have to do is hold it against the skin of the neck, blocking pain signals to prevent or relieve head pain. A gadget like this could also help ease your anxiety, and some studies show benefits when dealing with arthritis, IBS, Alzheimer's and more.

Glucose Monitors

At-home glucose monitors can help you manage your diabetes as well as keep an eye on your dietary choices. When choosing the right one for you, make sure you're looking at durability, ease of use and special features.

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket

This sauna blanket can help get most of the benefits of a sauna in your own home. It detoxes the body, relaxes the mind, boosts your moods, helps you burn calories and promotes gorgeous glowing skin.

Closing Thoughts

Biohacking is no longer gatekept behind doctors' doors. You can use all of these gadgets, products, and test from the comfort of your own home. They are a great start for bettering your well-being and achieving longevity.

If you're interested in testing your biological age, start by taking our health quiz.

The GlycanAge Team

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