Alisha Standing

Alisha Standing is a novice in the Glycan space, but she's had her fair share of overcoming health issues and is excited to learn more. She is an avid baker, but equally willing to share with those around her. Join her as she shares stories on how GlycanAge discusses how we all build better, healthier lifestyles.


Ensuring Work Life Balance and Getting Over Covid-19

Christian Facey is the co-founder of successful tech scaleup AudioMob. We discussed how he builds his work-life balance and how losing his sense of smell led to him building healthier eating habits.

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Overcoming IBS and Focusing on a Healthier Future

Anastasis Tzanis is a scientific nutritionist and yoga teacher. We had a virtual chat with him on his health journey and how he had shifted his health focus and removed IBS symptoms from his life.

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